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Once you have applied, and if you meet the entry requirements, you could be invited to attend an interview.



What should I expect?


The exact format can differ between colleges but generally there will be a welcome talk from the interviewers to tell you more about the college and how the interview will work. Most colleges are likely to have a group element where you could be discussing a topic with other applicants. There is likely an individual element too, where you can expand on your online application and talk about your specific interest in the course and the skills you have from the experience you have gained.

What kind of questions might I be asked? 


It is hard to guess the exact questions you will be asked but generally you will get asked on some key themes including why you have applied (your interest in the course), what makes you well-suited (the relevant skills and experience you have that can help with the course), and are you prepared (have you thought about the practicalities of college with what the course offers, and what you hope to gain long-term from the course).





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