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When leaving school, many people decide to continue their learning at a university.


A bit like at school, universities allow you to gain a qualification in a subject you’ve chosen to study. At university though, these qualifications – called degrees – are at a higher level, in fact pretty much the highest you can get. With one of them under your belt, you’ll be able to get all sorts of jobs that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. 

Why should I go to university?

What type of subjects can I study?

Who goes to university?


All sorts of people go to university. More than 35,000 students began a university degree in Scotland last year - many of these students came straight from school.


And wherever you’re going… Did you know that these famous faces went to university? Have a look at what subjects they studied.




Ncuti Gatwa


Ncuti Gatwa



After settling in Dundee after leaving his family’s country of Rwanda at a young age, Ncuti Gatwa moved to Glasgow to study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting, Ncuti has become a revolutionary figure in pop culture, becoming the first person of colour to portray 15th Doctor, in the world famous TV series Doctor Who. The Conservatoire later awarded him an honorary doctorate at the class of 2022 graduation ceremony.










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