MyFOCUS Account

Once you register, your MyFOCUS account is somewhere where you can store information about your achievements both inside and outside school as well as save any pages you find useful on Focus Point.


You can access this at any time by clicking on myFOCUS account in the box on the right hand side of the page.

Click my FOCUS account below to open your account in a new window then come back and look at the rest of the instructions.  Do not change anything until you read the rest of the instructions below.

myFOCUS account

You will see a page with space for personal information.  

Complete this information now and click Update myFOCUS account.

There is also a tab for Qualifications.  To get the best results from Focus Point, it is worth updating your qualifications regularly.  This is particularly important when using the Journey Planner tool.   You can do this later when you have time

When you have done that, click Next Page below to continue


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