Careers Advice

If you've always known the job you'd like to do, you're in a lucky position. Most people take a bit of time to find career ideas that suit them. The best way to narrow your focus is to research what's out there - there are all sorts of jobs that you might never have thought of.

Physics job

General careers websites

My World of Work

This is Scotland's main careers website, with stats, advice, and videos related to every job sector in Scotland.

Moving On

Features, interviews and competitions for young people.


Nice new website with lots of information on different jobs. Includes links to employers.


icould is aimed at English schools but there's a lot of useful activities on there, including the Buzz test.


Home to hundreds of video interviews with people in different areas of employment.

Go Think Big

A good site aimed at young people looking for job ideas and opportunities. Includes videos, links, and competitions.


Specific job sectors

There's a few excellent websites out there that might spark your interest in a specific career:

Tomorrow's Engineers

A good website aimed at school pupils, with lots of information on careers in engineering.

Step into the NHS

An introduction to the many different jobs you could do in the health sector.