Why go to university?

We know that there's lots of good reasons to go to university. But don’t just take our word for it. We interviewed a bunch of people - have a look at why they chose to go to university.




“History was always my favourite subject at school. I really liked the idea of studying it in more depth at university. So that’s what I did - I’m loving it.”

Scott, University of Glasgow


“When I was at school I decided I wanted to be a nurse. That meant I had to go to university for my training.”

Lynsey, Glasgow Caledonian University


“I knew that going to university would improve my chances of getting a good job afterwards. Now I have a degree, I’ll be able to go for much better paid jobs. More money sounds good to me!”

Muteen, University of Strathclyde


"I remember at school everyone said that university is the best days of your life. I didn't want to miss out on something like that! You meet so many people, you do so many things, and you get involved in so much."

Jennifer, Edinburgh Napier University


“When I left school I wasn’t sure what job I wanted to do. But I knew that university would open up lots of possibilities for me. It’s given me opportunities I would never have had otherwise.”

Daniel, University of the West of Scotland

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