About Me Section

The About Me tab lets you add information about your skills and interests so that you can keep track and look back at them whenever you need to.  In the window that has your profile open, click on the About Me tab and then come back here for further instructions.

Once the About Me tab is open, you will see there is a section to select your interests from a drop down list.  Have a look at the list and pick one thing you like to do from the list or write your own if there isn't any that apply to you.  In the box below that, write a sentence or two about what you like about doing that activity.  Then click add.  You will see it appear on the right hand side.


After you have done that, try doing the same with the Skills section under that.  This time, use the box to write a sentence or two about how you learned that skill or somewhere that you use that skill either inside or outside of school.  Click add.  


Once you have one skill and one interest added to your profile, click Next Page below to continue.

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