Changes to Focus Point

You have probably been sent hundreds of emails from different companies to let you know about a new law that has come into force on 25th May 2018 called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).  We don't want to bother you too much but it is important to us that you know that the information you give us is safe and secure and that we use it in the responsible way.

We have used this as an opportunity to make some improvements to the site to make it really clear how we use your information but also make it a better system that supports everyone who needs it.

Below, you will see details of the small changes we have made to the site.  If you have any questions or issues with anything we have changed, please do let us know by emailing

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1. Privacy Notice

We have created a page on Focus Point called Privacy Notice.  You can find it on the footer of the webpage at any time as well as here

This lets you know exactly what we do with your information and tells you how to get in touch with us if you have any issues.  Please read it carefully and get in touch if you have any questions at all.

2. Cookie Policy

I am sure you know all about cookies as they are used on pretty much every website.  However, so you know exactly what the cookies on this site are doing, you will be able to read our cookie policy on the footer of the webpage at any time as well as here

3. Changes to the Profile Tabs

We have changed some of the tabs on your profile screen to make it easier to navigate.  The section with your name, date of birth etc is now called Personal Details and the section with your hobbies and interests is called About Me.


Profile tab changes.png

4. Gender

We understand that not everyone identifies themselves as being male or female and so we have included other options under Gender in your profile which hopefully means that everyone has the chance to select the option which best identifies them.  You can change your current gender in your profile page


5. Address change

It is important that we have your home address on your record.  For this reason, we have changed the wording on your profile from Street address to Home address.  If you have previously entered your school address on your account, please go back and change this to your home address.

6. Finding out about your goals

We would love to know more about what you plan on doing when you leave school so that we can make sure the activities and information we deliver is relevant to you.  For that reason, there is now a question on your profile asking what you plan on doing after S6.  We would really appreciate it if you could tick all those that are relevant so we can help you with your journey to that goal

7.  Keeping you informed

We have also added a section on your profile to ask you whether you would like us to send you information you might be interested in.  This could be tips on making applications to college or university, job fairs that we have found out about that you might find relevant or could also be things like bursary or work experience opportunities that are passed to us.  We will only send you information like this if you give us permission so please go to your profile and tick yes or no depending on whether you would like to see this information.  We only ever send this by email.

8.  Registering for FOCUS West activities

If you are taking part in a FOCUS West activity, you should register for this on the Focus Point website.  Some institutions will also have another form for you to fill in but this is not instead of the one on Focus Point. There are a few changes to the forms.

Keeping in touch - FOCUS West is a partnership programme between institutions in the West of Scotland who offer degree programmes.  Since we work in partnership, the information you receive from FOCUS West or the people running your activity should be unbiased and not be promoting their own university. 

However, the institutions that run the programmes on behalf of FOCUS West may want to send you information that is more specific to their institution and that is ok as long as you give them permission.  You can decide whether or not to receive this information when you register for the activity

Keeping in tough.png

Photo consent - Photos may be taken at FOCUS West activities and used by both FOCUS West or the institution delivering the programme on publications and on social media.  You can decide whether or not this is ok and can make this choice when you register for the activity.

Photo consent.png


9. Change to how we see what you do after leaving school

We previously have asked for you to consent to letting us find out what you do after you leave school so that we can see if the programme helped you to make a decision.  We have been informed, however, that since we are funded by the government through the Scottish Funding Council to carry out a public duty then it is important that we have this information to see whether the programme is doing a good job.

Therefore, we will be able to find this information out from SDS (Skills Development Scotland) without you having to fill out any forms or get your parents to complete consent forms.  Since we did previously ask your permission to do this, we are happy to remove you from the list if you do not want us to share this information.  Just email us at and we will remove you from the list.  Please know, however, that any information we receive about you from SDS is kept strictly confidential and you will never be identified or named in any reports that the information is used for.

We hope you find these changes useful but if you have any questions, please do let us know by emailing

There are exciting developments on the website on their way and we look forward to letting you know more about these soon!