UCAS Track

Please see below a message from University of Glasgow

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For the Top-Up Programme, we rely on our contact teachers sending us their school UCAS Track Reports in June each year, to enable us to send the Top-Up Profiles of pupils to all of the universities to which their pupils have applied.

For entry, as a response to the new GDPR regulations, UCAS have introduced an OPT IN system for pupils to allow schools and teachers to see their choices and offers.

If a pupil chooses NOT to OPT IN, they will NOT appear on the UCAS Track reports, which the teachers send to us and there will be a real risk that some pupils' participation may be missed and we shall not be able to see where they are holding offers (Conditional and Unconditional Offers). 

Can you advise all staff involved in the advisory or UCAS process within your schools of this situation and the absolute necessity for pupils to OPT IN to the UCAS Track process, when completing their UCAS application. This will allow them to appear on the UCAS Track Reports and enable us to send their successful Top-Up Profiles to the universities to which they hold offers and receive adjusted offers of entry.