Registering for FOCUS West Activities

All pupils who are going to take part in a FOCUS West delivered activity must register their details online through Focus Point.  Some of our delivery partners may also ask them to complete a separate registration form but this must be done as well as the registration through Focus Point and not instead of.

University Lecture Theatre

Those delivering the programmes your pupils are taking part in should contact you to advise you to have your pupils register for the appropriate activity under the tab FOCUS West Activities on Focus Point.

We would respectfully ask that these are completed prior to the activity taking place.  We understand, however, that you are all very busy and sometimes things like this can slip through the net. 

The FOCUS West staff member delivering the activity will bring along a list of those registered prior to the delivery and check these names against those who are in front of them.  If a pupil has not registered, they will not be excluded from the activity but will be advised that they should register as soon as possible after this session.  They should also provide you with a list of pupils who are not registered and we would ask that you assist the pupils in registering as soon as possible.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Full instructions on how pupils register can be found here