Using Focus Point

Focus Point is designed to help pupils from S1 to S6 plan ahead for the routes they will take after school.

As a FOCUS West project, the website is particularly concerned with advising pupils on the higher education options open to them at both college and university, with specific guidance and activities for S4-S6 students related to researching courses and making applications.

However, Focus Point offers information, tools and activities for pupils in every year group, whatever they’re interested in. They’ll be able to:

  • research career ideas and assess their own strengths and interests
  • access advice and tools to help them with their important subject choices in S2/S3
  • read interviews and watch videos with current college and university students and representatives of different job sectors

Pupils at FOCUS West schools will also be able to create their own account, allowing them to:

  • Keep a record of their activities, their achievements, and their goals
  • Save the results of course and job searches
  • Access opportunities and communicate with pupils from other schools by joining ‘social groups’ specific to their interests
  • Use a Personal Statement writing tool designed to help with UCAS and college applications

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.